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Finding a short scene for your pupils which is entirely relevant to your topic, and which offers truthful, character-driven text within an exciting dramatic shape is at best difficult, and at worst, impossible.  Teachers spend HOURS searching for the most original work possible for students, and are desperate to find themes which reflect the world we are living in without losing literary quality. 
Let me take the strain for you: you tell me your theme and actor strengths, and I provide the speech. Ideal for projects and devised public exam work.  Prices start at £5 for a one (ish) minute speech.  Email for further details. 
Movie Theatre
You want the very best show for your club or organisation, but nothing you find fits your actors' strengths, or configuration.  You want a piece which offers modernity and accessibility, but don't want to compromise on literary merit.  You need something hard hitting, something fresh, something relevant to today but with timeless characters and themes. 

Give me your requirements and preferences, and I will create a one-act play specifically for you  Prices vary.  Email for further details. 
Let's be honest: Shakespeare can scare a LOT of people.
My digital adaptati0ns offer a full-length (but manageable) play which is interesting and engaging,
retaining all the best bits, trimming what you don't need, giving a handy concept to hang' the whole thing on,
and even suggesting a soundtrack. 

Packed with loads of characters for ensemble work, suggestions for potential doubling, gender reversal ideas, and ways to make the whole thing 'sing'.  Just £50 for the pack: no performance rights to pay, and you can even save money on printing costs! 
Email for further details. 

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