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for primary people

~ These 'CHALLENGE LISTS' of movies, books and theatre can keep you amused for hours ~
~ click the links below to test yourselves ~
~ more as I make them ~

Please take personal responsibility for whether content matches the reader/ viewer 
se the lists as a 'bouncing off' point to further literary / performance awareness

Got a suggestion? 
Life changes quickly and brilliant new books, poems and productions are released all the time.
Let me know if you have any favourites I've missed!

One hundred classic books to have read before you turn twelve

One hundred classic movies to have watched by the time you turn twelve

Fifty vibrant toe-tappers hand-picked for a primary audience

Fifty magical tales hand-picked for a primary audience

Fifty heart-warming tales about our fluffiest friends: primary -friendly 

Fifty fabulous movies adapted from our favourite books: primary -friendly 

One hundred classics rated U, PG or 12: may be suitable for top-end primary

Fifty 'Harry Potter' actors: how many of their characters do you recognise? 

Fifty incredible central movie performances by child actors: primary friendly 

Fifty (primary-friendly) UK actors: how many characters do you recognise?

list challenges


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