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What our audiences thought: 


Vague recollections of Golding’s novel from my school days didn’t prepare me for this visceral performance here at the Edinburgh Fringe. The swift descent into madness and anarchy, strongmen and their followers, and away from logic and reason, resonated not only with the days about which it was written but also the modern phenomenon of trolling, gaslighting, imaginary enemies and ‘Fake News’. The performance by the whole cast is excellent and I must call out Piggy for his physical performance, approachable humanity, passionate advocacy and powerful delivery. [RL]

Amazing cast with exceptional performances by Ralph, Jack and Piggy! A must see. [PS]

This was a slick production with a fully believable cast - especially the 3 main characters. Ralph was performed with a great mixture of energy and pathos and the other two leading roles were also extremely well performed.
Highly recommended to all relevant age groups with a warning to bring a tissue or two! [JC]

Supremely talented cast offering a fresh take on William Golding’s classic. Particularly strong performances from Jack, Piggy and Ralf - a strong ensemble who create an extraordinarily intense and convincing show.

Definitely worth a look. [AL]

Incredible performance of a talented young cast … Well done to all involved! [SH]

I was blown away by the maturity and professionalism of this young cast! Some incredible performances. I was utterly enthralled throughout… Bravo! [ESM]

A truly chilling and riveting performance of Lord of the Flies. This very talented young cast had the hairs standing up in the back of my neck. A hidden gem of the Fringe. [GB]

Intense and very engaging performance by a young and talented cast. Bravo! [MF]

A great showcase of fresh talent! Wonderful staging and acting all round, a truly inspiring and atmospheric performance with chilling and relevant undertones. [SB]

Spectacular job by such a young company, and of course, it's hard to go wrong with this classic story.

Best wishes for a great run to director Rebecca Vines and company! [MW]

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