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More Myself Than I Am 

the story of the Bronte sisters

Eleventh Hour Theatre will première their production of More Myself Than I Am

at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe,

playing PQA Venues @Riddle’s Court (Venue 277) from 19 -26 August at 14:30.


A vivid exploration of how three sheltered young women from a remote Yorkshire parsonage

created some of the most raw, violent and passionate literary works of all time.

Charlotte: the ambitious dreamer.

Emily: the intense loner.

Anne: the gentle, would-be social reformer.


And Branwell: the brilliant ‘lost’ boy whose disappointments served only to

highlight the extraordinary success of his sisters.


The Bronte sisters fought their geography, gender, and status to become published authors:

only to be then consumed with cruel rapidity by the tuberculosis which haunted their family.


From the team behind Close Up Theatre (Sell-Outs 2004-2018)

and their 2018 five-star production of Nineteen Eighty Four:

'Chilling... brilliant... powerful' (


Writer and Director Rebecca Vines is bringing the Bronte family to life in her seventeenth Edinburgh Fringe.  As the Founder of Close Up Theatre (Sell-Out status 2004 – 2018), and Artistic Director for No Prophet Theatre, her productions bring classic works to life in a blend of tradition and modernity.  More Myself Than I Am explores how the inhabitants of Haworth Parsonage in the 1800s changed the face of literature more lastingly than they were ever able to alter their own lives.


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