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Tricky: isn't he?

Actually: no. 

Speaking Shakespeare with understanding and warmth and (crucially) modernity is incredibly easy...

... if only you know how.

but why bother?

so what now?

Shakespeare is over-revered; over-hyped; irrelevant, out of touch, elitist. Right? 

Well: no.

But keep telling yourself that if it helps.

On a purely practical level, I've lost count of the amount of

performers, teachers and practitioners who have lost work due to their inability to understand Shakespeare.

Classical speeches are often a requisite of Drama School entry,

and the popularity of Shakespeare as an enduring entertainment form shows no signs of abating. 

In literary terms, Shakespeare simply offers more than anyone else in terms of

linguistic beauty and the ability to create haunting images of humanity. 

In theatrical terms,

his universal themes and exquisitely wrought characters ensure that

new and vibrant adaptations continue to engage and inspire.  


So by all means avoid him if you must:

but let it not be through nervousness or anxiety. 

The buttons below will help you get started

as you navigate your way through understanding a little more about Shakespeare. 

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